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It's quiet here tonight. I wonder how everyone is doing on this server.


Check out my debut single!


Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix


Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix

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Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix

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Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix


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If you like classical music check out Sweet Jehosavan's debut single, "Windy Night in Phoenix"!!! Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix


Posting some music I've recorded yesterday during the lunch hour just for fun. They all need a lot of polishing, but the bones are there. All original wor k by me. By the way on Firefox it gets rendered wrong. One song gets repeated in 3 of the 5 embedded links. Other browsers don't show this problem.


It's quiet here on PebbleInk today. Coronavirus is making the commute very nice. Work is great since nobody is talking to me right now. I get the whole lab to myself, and apparently PebbleInk to myself as well. So this is what it might feel like to be the guy in Omegaman.


Wow what a record uptime pebbleink has right now! Over 600 days! Woo go PebbleInk GO!


Happy new year Pebble Ink! You are the first blog of the new year that I will update. I've been on vacation for two weeks playing with my kids, and now I'm back at work getting ramped up and hyped up for the old routine again. Now I will write in my blog as often as possible, even when I don't have much time to say anything. Here's to the new year! It's going to be a great one!


CybyteClub is dead. I was supposed to do a rotation among the various tilde servers to write a little something in them every day. Today I wanted to get back into that groove that never grooved. My calendar said I was supposed to log into cybyteclub, but cybyteclub is dead, so I'll write in PebbleInk twice.


Hey Pebble Ink how's it going? I'm surprised to see you still running! So many other tilde's have given up the ghost last year. I was sad to see them all go, but I'm glad you are still around. You have a lot of cool resources available to me. I hope to use them some day. I wonder what everyone else does with this server, probably a lot more than what I do with this silly little blog page. Oh well, until next time, hopefully sooner than 10 months!


Just realized that I can install Perlbrew on this machine and get Perl Data Language running! Woohoo now that is something useful for my future perl cluster ideas.


The server rotation continues! I've been updating a different website every day for the past month now. I don't always get to update on the day that it is due though. Today I'm staying in the fab so I'm doing a lot of work without the internet. Now I'm back outside so I can at least complete this blog entry.


I've started a new thing this month in order to make sure I don't let all these wonderful resources go to waste. I'm not writing journal entries in every single one of my shell accounts. Kinda amazing that I have enough notes for every single day of a 31 day month, plus a few to spare in case one of them goes down.

This link is kinda slow. I'm really laggy right now for some reason. I wonder if it's SDF or PebbleInk directly.

I can't find out whose causing the lag. Maybe it's my connection at work. Anyways, back to blogging. I have 37 unique varieties of mechanical pencil in my pencil box and backpack. Some of cheap plastic Bic, while others are very nice all metal Pentel Client's and such. I am also rotating through them on a monthly basis, and yes, I have more than there are days in a month. I don't think I could rotate them all without some elaborate scheduling scheme. So some of them might be neglected for a while. We'll see.

Today I'm using a PaperMate ClicksterGrip that had been laying waste in the hot garage for years. There was paint on it from a furniture project we had done in there and the eraser was missing. It had no lead. It was a very sad pencil indeed. But then I learned that regular #2 pencil eraser fit the Clickster, and I started finding all my old lead cases. So I popped in a 0.5mm stick and removed an eraser from one of my cheaper pencils and proceeded to bring the machine back to life. I think that's what I'm going to call it, The Machine. It's a very nice writer now, and the decapitated wooden pencil still lives on with a nice PaperMate Arrowhead eraser cap. Those are the best eraser caps by the way. Nice and thick so it won't tear due to constant use on your pencil. And they erase wonderfully. I have little box of 144 from Walmart. They are great. I'm putting them on all of my decapitated pencils.

So far I have use The Machine for my pocket notebook todo list and my journal entry for the day. I also did a little writing with my Pentel Energel pen, because it has been sitting idle for too long. I have refills for it, and I wonder how long would the pen last me if I bought refills every time I drained the ink in them. I also have a Cross ballpoint pen around my neck, and a Pilot B2P bottle to pen in my shirt pocket next to The Machine.

I still have a bunch of Bic Cristals that I need to use up, and a pencil box full of random pens acquired through my marriage somehow. I would love to use all of them up as well. We have ballpoint pens all over the house, and it's getting time to use them all before they dry out. It's sad when a pen hasn't been used to their full potential. That is why I carry two journal's with me. One dedicated to using the pencil, and the other dedicated to using the pen. I think the tools used do influence the voice of what I'm writing about. I would have to go over my notes to find out what that voice difference is, but I definitely don't write about the same things twice in both notebooks. I just have a lot to ramble about I suppose. I definitely use pencil more than pen, because the pencil notebook is more than halfway full whereas the pen notebook is just getting past the halfway point.

I also have thousands of wooden pencils, but that's a story for another day.


I've been reading a lot of science fiction lately. Right now it's making me thing and dream about quantum mechanics. I should brush up on the subject I have so many books at home about it.


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As far as I can tell I have C, C++, Perl, and Python to work with here.


I need to work on my Excel macro to LabView translation efforts. Sorry pebbles but I have work to do.


I'm doing very well thanks for asking. I need to go running though before I get too fat.


This system provides static web page serving, perl, and python. Plenty to work on some math problems in my opinion.